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August 30th, 2007 ]
[ mood | contemplative ]

yo soy perdido sin ti.

i have got alot on my mind. im coming to a crossroad with alot...



GARAGE SALE!!! [Friday
June 22nd, 2007 ]
[ mood | GARAGE SALE! ]

I am having a gigantor garage sale tomorrow [Saturday 6.23.07]!!!

from 8-12 in Buena Park


im cleaning out my closet and trying to make that paper!

TONS of good stuff for super cheap! in all sizes!!!

♥ vintage

♥ h&m

♥ forever 21

♥ for the boys...tons of streewear and LRG

and oooo so much more!!!

Stop by and say hi!

my girl krystle mafiosa will be supplying lemonade and cookies

for the address email me: hello.luva@gmail.com


please. [Saturday
June 2nd, 2007 ]
[ mood | thirsty ]


May 21st, 2007 ]
[ mood | artistic ]

this weekend I:

-got bangs. they look AWESOME. they make my look more exotic and some how make my non-existent cheekbones pop.

-saw shrek. funny stuff, they are making a puss n boots movie. cant wait. him and gingy are the best.

-went to the cuban fest in echo park. reminded me why latinos are better than everyone. smokes cigars. ate devine food. danced. saw gorgoeus people. o and i pretty much am moving to echo park....perfectly in between hollywood and dwntwn + its hood,but not too hood. its perfect.
p.s. the puerto rican fest is june 3rd in long beach. come and join in on the fun!

-went to the greek festival. glorious.
its funny because it is seriously a mating ground for young greeks. people watching was at its prime.

-my girl francella is home for summer! now that all the characters are in place, the amazing summer is about to begin! our first orders of business is cinespace tomorrow,then sunday is the ucla fest with jill scott,les nubian, j*davey etc.

lastly, i decided i love ne-yo. hes great... the new jammer with him & fabolous is my fave! its one of those songs you wish was about you.

k back to my deadend job ;)


tookie. [Monday
December 12th, 2005 ]
[ mood | disappointed ]

"We have two evils to fight, capitalism and racism. We must destroy both racism and capitalism." -huey newton

From my girl carschoi:
The governator's rejection of clemency for tookie williams moreover justifies the absence of public opinion and the absolute soverneignty of a conversative, right-winged government. I am saying that a person, who was formerly a crips gang member, who has reformed in prison for over 1/4 a century, who has wrote children's books informing children to stay away from gang violence, who has been nominated for 4 nobel peace prizes should not be allowed to die by lethal injection.

Some people may claim that if we did set a precedent and allow him to live, that will allow room for many "pseudo-reformed prisoners" who will pretend to reform as a means of getting out of prison. well fuck that. williams has changed society. he has influenced the lives of youth that have been struggling on the streets, who've only look up to their surrogate gang families for support. Is it really their fault that society is racist and classist? And do they live in these shit environments because they choose to? Society has created these divisions in class and race, between the haves and have nots, by means of segregation, racial profiling, and class hierarchy which are forces still in tact today. Historical, societal, and political forces (such as environmental racism) have placed these demographics into these ghetto inner-city areas that has given them no choice but to join gangs for their own protection. Have you actually experienced what they've experienced? Have you, a person living in your suburbia in orange county, experienced the hoods of the LBC, CPT, etc??? We have no idea. It is amazing that a person, through his experience in prison has turned his life around like that, writing books for children and making a difference through his literature.

Some people might argue, " well he's just eating up our tax dollars by staying alive.." Well i'd like to refute by saying, " why don't you just shoot everyone in jail. They are all essentially eating up our tax dollars." This statement completely rids of any type of prison reform. That it wouldn't make a difference if prisoners reform because in the end whether in prison or not, they are still labeled a criminal by law.

And what becomes of the youth in gangs today?? Basically, even if you turn back and decided to reform yourself, you'll still end up getting fucked over for what you did, and die like williams. So basically its better to not turn back because the government will just make you pay. There is no hope for these kids already in gangs; they have no reason to give up their already "fucked up" lifestyles.

Native Americans were essentially raped of their land by Europeans. Africans were exploited and dehumanized when they were brought over to the states as slaves. Do these factors not matter at all?!?!??! It is our society, and its lack of care and attention for minorities and the poor that have created these gangs and countercultures that seem to "haunt" us now. You have to take these factors into consideration when you decide to KILL a nobel prize nominee, arnold.

Especially in a culture where the majority of Americans are Protestant, shouldn't we be the ones more understanding on the matter of reform? Jesus forgives and forgets right? Why can't we acknowledge that this person, a former gang leader has learned from his mistakes and that he is ready for a new beginning? How hypocritical.

And moving on to more bigger issues, why did we recall and bring in arnold in the first place? i believe we still have an enormous deficit that hasn't seem to be fixed. I feel like there is going to be a revolt against Arnold's decision. If not, me, kriss, and britt will start one. People of California, think twice when you think an former bodybuilder will fix our debt crisis.

If we claim as much blue as it says we do in election polls, I say we start a revolution and show them what public opinion wants.

"Words that do not match deeds are unimportant."
- Ernesto Che Guevara
"The walls, the bars, the guns and the guards can never encircle or hold down the idea of the people."
-Huey Newton


470,000 AMERICANS DEAD! [Thursday
December 1st, 2005 ]


Go To http://www.light2unite.com/ and light a candle. It will donate $1 for each candle lit to help fight AIDS and it costs NOTHING to you, but some of your time.

just click on one of the dots of the planet

please pass this on and do your part to stop this terrible epidemic.

for more AIDS facts: http://www.brainboost.com/search.asp?Q=how+many+people+died+from+Aids&lfmq=1

this is going to take up you friends page...deal, it's important [Friday
September 2nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | sad ]

Hurricane Katrina has devasted many Americans lives and we all need to help in any way we can. I urge you to act on whatever God puts on your heart, though we might be thousands of miles away the smallest act might save a fellow American and human life. You can give blood, donate money,clothing, volunteer or start your own operation to help out the innocent victims of the hurricane.

through the following link just be signing your name, money will be donated to help children affected by Karina.


if you are unsure where you want your money to go, this site can direct you to a list of organizations that are in need of donations.


"Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion. "-Mahatma Ghandi

"Words that do not match deeds are unimportant."
- Ernesto Che Guevara

♥ brittany


August 31st, 2005 ]
[ mood | distressed ]

this is disgusting.




seriously wow. who ever wrote that should be fired for being such a ignorant fuck.

whats going on with this katrina thing is sooo horrible. god bless anyone who is dealing with it.


August 26th, 2005 ]
[ mood | dance party. ]

the new Kanye is sooooooooooooo lovely!


July 19th, 2005 ]
[ mood | amused ]

im sad im coming off my my starbucks high. for a good hour i was super hyper, but alas i am once again sleepy.

im currently at work having a rufus wainwright marathon on the pod. o rufus he will always be my gay of choice.

would any of you lovely folks like to attend the rufus,ben lee & ben folds concert w me next month...i thinks its called the guys night out tour, but i totally think i just made that up. for some reason i want to call it the ladies first tour, but i think that was the a.keys and destinys child tour...why i know that im not sure.

ANYWAYS im jonesing for some rufus,and need someone to acompany me to the concierto de mi maricon favorito.

go listen to same rufus,you will think of me and then u will smile.


July 9th, 2005 ]
naps are delicious.
as is the live 8 repeats.

cheers to a chill saturday.

July 5th, 2005 ]
have a spectacular venezuelan independance day my bebes!!!!!!!!!!


June 7th, 2005 ]
[ mood | bliss ]

the new coldplay disc has made me go into convulsions it's that good. you better go get it. it's $10 a target.



this unfourtunatley is what my life has become... [Thursday
June 2nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | bored ]

1. Name: brittany
2. Your Nick Names: britt,fonzie
4. Place of Birth: los alamitos,ca
5. Zodiac Sign: Libra
6. Male or Female: female
7. age: 18
8. School: cypress college
9. Occupation: input shit in a comp
10. Residence: buena park
11. Screen Name: missbrittnyc

__Your Appearance___

12. Hair Color: dark brown
13. Hair Long or Short: short
14. Eye Color: blue gray
15. how do ur nails look: short
17. Do you have a crush on someone right NOW (truthfully): always
18. do u like yourself: eh...
20. think your attractive: eh...
21. Piercings: nose,ears
22. Tattoo: 2
23. Righty or Lefty: lefty

___Your 'Firsts'___

24. First RollerCoaster: knotts..i think
25. First cell phone: freshman Year
26. First best friend(s): melissa and sephora
27. First Award: curliest hair contest
28. First Sport You Joined: softball
29. First pet: lucy :(
30. First vacation: Mexico
31. First Concert: menudo
32. First True Love: neva had

___ Favorites___

33. Movie: motorcycle diaries
34. TV Show:svu
35. Color: black
36. Bands:rilo k.bright eyes.rufus.common.old school hip hop.
37. Song: rappers delight
38. Food: mexicano
39. Drink: straw lem
40. Candy:almond joy
41.Sport : baseball
42. Fav sport To Watch: boxing
43. Brand Of Clothing: vintage
44. Stores: nordys,the flea
45. School Subject: ethnic studies,poly sci
46. Animal: dogs
48. Magazines:elle, vogue

49. Eating:nada
50. Drinking: diet rite
52. Online?: lj.aim
53. Listening to: carolyn lecture me
54. Thinking About: my life sucks
55. Wanting To: scream
56. Watching: 20.20

___Your Future___

58. Want Kids?: yes many
59. Want to Get Married?: yes
60. Careers in Mind: philanthropist

__Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

67. Cute or Sexy: cute
68. Lips or Eyes: nose
69. Hugs or Kisses: kisses
70. Short or Tall: freakishly tall
71. Easygoing or serious: easygoing
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: spontaneous
73. Fatty or Skinny: in betweeny
74. Sensitive or Loud: loud...i need a mans man
75. Hook-up or Relationship: relationship
77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: trouble maker

___Have You Ever___

78. Kissed a Stranger: yes
79. Drank Alcohol: yes
80. Smoked: no
81. Ran Away From Home: no
82. Broken a Bone: yes
83. Got an X-ray: yes
84. Broken Someones Heart: neg
85. L0VED SOMEONE: yes
86. Turned Someone Down: yes
87. Cried When Someone Died: yes
88. Cried At School: yes

___Do You Believe In___

89. God: yes
90. Miracles: yes
91. Love At First Sight: no
92. Ghosts: im afraid to believe
93. Aliens: no
94. Soul Mates: yes
95. Heaven: yeah
96. Hell: yeah
98. Kissing on The First Date: on the cheek
99. Horoscopes: sometimes

___Answer Truthfully___

100. Is There Someone You Want But You Know You Can't Have?:Always


May 9th, 2005 ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

1) My Uncle once: got a nose job in tj
2) Never in my life: have i had a real bf
3) When I was five: i had pink light up reeboks
4) High school was: long. it had is bad and good moments, i dont miss i,but i do miss being entertained
5) I will never forget: victoria's secret
6) I once met: jesse metcalf, when he kept it real and was on passions
7) There’s this girl I know who: got eyelid surgery
8) Once, at a bar: they ate peanuts
9) By noon I’m usually:hungry
10) Last night: i went to dinner w krystle and s one
11) If I only had: a freakin' drivers license
12) Next time I go to church:i will go w francella
13) Terry Schiavo: died
14) What worries me most:being alone forever
15) When I turn my head left, I see: audrey hepburn
16) When I turn my head right, I see: closet w no doors...my dad needs to put them on
18) What I miss most about the eighties: that i wasnt older during the time and the running man
19) If I was a character written by Shakespeare, I’d be: ophelia, that bitch is carazy and cuz in my schools version of hamlet james rorick was hamlet.
22) I have a hard time understanding:why i have no motivation
23) If I ever go back to school I’ll: try harder.
24) You know I like you if: i keep it real w you
25) If I won an award, the first person I’d thank would be: jesus h. christ
26) Darwin, Mozart, Slim Pickens & Geraldine Ferraro: slim pickens is a person? i hope they all jump darwin.
27) Take my advice, never: be sheepish around gents
28) My ideal breakfast is: pancakes from kenos or jamba
29) A song I love, but do not have is: whitle lines-grand master flash
30) If you visit my hometown, I suggest: your ready for me to tell u every random fact,cuz i know em all, and get ready to grub cuz were gonna go to mrs knotts
31) Tulips, character flaws, microchips & track stars: easter.
32) Why won't anyone: take me to a drive in
33) If you spend the night at my house, don't: fall asleep,cuz i like to chat
34) I'd stop my wedding for: if someone was sicky
35) The world could do without:ignorance and weapons
36) I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: eat shit
37) My favorite blonde is: gwen stefani
38) Paper clips are more useful than: bush
40) And by the way: u should buy me extensions
41) The last time I was drunk, I: got crunk


feliz cinco de mayo pinche cabrones!!! (a day late) [Friday
May 6th, 2005 ]
[ mood | hungry ]

do u all know what cinco de mayo really is? if u do then good job.

ok so last night heather,shannah, chris and i went to the ingram hil/better than ezra show at the roxy. it was fun us gals were in our finest mexican gear. sportin the virgen mary and our red,white and green. the audience wasnt the coolest the typical star 98.7 listener, if u will. well anyways when ingram hill went on it got crunk. we were the only ones goin nuts,it was a gas. they sang my jam the captain, so it was all good. so i think that this dude phil in the band is cute in a so ugly hes cute sorta way :\ and so after they were gonna do a signing and so we were joshin about me giving up the digits. so heather writes down the following: happy cinco de mayo yeaahhh! hey stud call me ..my number.. then she puts rock out with ur cock out on the bottom. hehehehhehehe. so i dont see this fool so i go to justin the kindacute lead singer w. gastly hair and say hey do me a fave, give this to phil, hes all sure. i wonder if he got it. i would have loved to see his face,hahahha it was funny. i hope he doesnt call, bc thatd be gay but it was a chuckle and quite ballsy for my sheepish self. then better than ezra came on....eeek. never liked em, still dont. but i say nothing, bc walt liked em, and i dont wanna ruin her good times. any ways we left early and ya. then i woke up at like 2:20am because the thunder was gonna kill me. it was so scary it was soooooo loud. no joke lightning hit right next to my window. so i was super scared and convinced i was gonna die. so i put on the telly and it was rerun if leno and constantine was on ♥ any way i finally fell back asleep and i lived through the night...phew. my toes are cold.

p.s. does anyone want to go to kroq weenie roast w. me? im all about the killers and the second stage. hell ya the mars volta and bloc party. no joke if u wanna go im so down.


May 4th, 2005 ]
[ mood | giddy ]

so lets all take a moment to see the cutest person ever!!! im soooooo adopting a cambodian baby!



May 3rd, 2005 ]
"When The President Talks To God"

When the president talks to God
Are the conversations brief or long?
Does he ask to rape our women’s' rights
And send poor farm kids off to die?
Does God suggest an oil hike
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
Are the consonants all hard or soft?
Is he resolute all down the line?
Is every issue black or white?
Does what God say ever change his mind
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
Does he fake that drawl or merely nod?
Agree which convicts should be killed?
Where prisons should be built and filled?
Which voter fraud must be concealed
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
I wonder which one plays the better cop
We should find some jobs. the ghetto's broke
No, they're lazy, George, I say we don't
Just give 'em more liquor stores and dirty coke
That's what God recommends

When the president talks to God
Do they drink near beer and go play golf
While they pick which countries to invade
Which Muslim souls still can be saved?
I guess god just calls a spade a spade
When the president talks to God

When the president talks to God
Does he ever think that maybe he's not?
That that voice is just inside his head
When he kneels next to the presidential bed
Does he ever smell his own bullshit
When the president talks to God?

I doubt it

I doubt it

hell yes omec rules!!!....this was my fave show. [Tuesday
April 26th, 2005 ]
[ mood | excited ]

You scored as Legends of the Hidden Temple.


Legends of the Hidden Temple


The Adventures of Pete and Pete


Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Rocko's Modern Life




Ren & Stimpy


Clarissa Explains It All




Double Dare


The Secret World of Alex Mack




Which Old School Nickelodeon Show Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

one of these things first... [Thursday
April 21st, 2005 ]
[ mood | bored ]

taken from itsaimster

(x) Snuck out of the house
(x) Gotten lost in your city
( ) Saw a shooting star
(x) Been to any other countries besides the united states
( ) Had a serious surgery
(x) Gone out in public in your pajamas
(x) Kissed a stranger
(x) Hugged a stranger
( ) Done karate
( ) Been arrested
( ) Laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose
( ) Pushed all the buttons on an elevator
(x) Swore at your parents
( ) Been in love
( ) Been close to love
(x) Been to a casino
( ) Been skydiving
(x) Broken a bone
( ) Been high
( ) Skinny-dipped
(x) Skipped school
(x) Flashed someone
( ) Saw a therapist - sort of
(x) Done a split
(x) Played spin the bottle
( ) Gotten stitches
( ) Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
(x) Bitten someone
( ) Been to Niagara Falls
(x) Gotten the chicken pox
(x) Kissed a member of the opposite sex
(x) Kissed a member of the same sex
( ) Crashed into a friend's car
( ) Been to Japan
(x) Ridden in a taxi
(x) Been dumped
(x) Shoplifted
( ) Been fired
( ) Had a crush on someone of the same sex
(x) Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
(x ) Gone on a blind date
(x) Lied to a friend
(x) Had a crush on a teacher
( ) Celebrated Mardi-Gras in new orleans
( ) Been to Europe
( ) Slept with a co-worker
( ) Been married
( ) Gotten divorced
( ) Had children
( ) Seen someone die
( ) Had a close friend die
( ) Been to Africa
(x) Driven over 400 miles in one day
( ) Been to Canada
(x) Been to Mexico
(x) Been on a plane
(x) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
( ) Thrown up in a bar
( ) Purposely set a part of myself on fire
(x) Eaten Sushi
(x) Been skiing/snowboarding
( ) Met someone in person from the internet
( ) Lost a child
(x) Gone to college
( ) Graduated college
( ) Done hard drugs
( ) Tried killing yourself
( ) Fired a real gun
( ) Purposely hurt yourself
(x) Taken painkillers
( ) Gone bungee jumping
(x) Miss someone
( ) Kissed a frog
( ) Taken a life
(x) Gone on a diet
( ) Played bumper tag
(x) Kicked a habit
( ) Base jumped
(x) Filled out a stupid email/lj form
(x) Lost a bet
(x) Done something stupid on a dare
( ) Been strip searched
(x) Had fun at someone else's expense

edie sedgwick is tres fab.



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